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Learning aims

Effective Leadership & Management

Plan to succeed with a high growth strategy

  • Know how to envision success, deliver strategy and analyse performance

  • Understand the manager's role in implementing the business vision

  • Set SMART goals, and know how to plan and monitor work

  • Develop a culture of distributed leadership and collaborative working

  • Set direction, facilitate change and improve outcomes

  • Blend person centred care and clinical excellence with commercial success

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Patient Care

Nurture your patients and turn them into your unpaid sales force

  • Create clinical frameworks, guidelines and processes for high quality patient care

  • Ensure outstanding service throughout the patient journey

  • Build interpersonal relationships, rapport and (critically) trust

  • Actively teach your team the secret of care plan acceptance

  • Exhibit skills in handling difficult customers, discussions and moments

  • Meet the expectations of regulators around equality, diversity and communication

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Marketing Strategy

Segment and target your markets to maximise business growth

  • Know HOW to promote the practice's niches to a segmented market

  • Understand the power of online reviews, your website and social networking

  • Learn what stakeholders want - patients, commissioners and shareholders

  • Know how to balance the needs and wants of the patient

  • Underpromise, overdeliver and routinely convert enquirers to patients

  • Develop a patient loyalty scheme that gest your patients bringing in others

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Risk Management 

Proactively assess risks and take steps to minimise them

  • Meet legal and ethical guidelines set out by external regulators

  • General Health and Safety (e.g. facilities, fire)

  • Healthcare Safety (e.g. Infection control, waste, radiation, emergencies)

  • Information governance (e.g. confidentiality, data protection)

  • Foster systems for incident reporting and significant event analysis

  • Create lead roles and delegate responsibilities to your team members 

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Quality Assurance

Establish a rolling programme for continuous improvement

  • Establish internal standards (policies and procedures) fo high quality care

  • Train the team to meet internal and external standards

  • Implement monitoring systems for continuous improvement

  • Embed a QA culture through continued professional development

  • Collate evidence for regulatory frameworks

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Operational Efficiency 

Improve efficiency and profitability by achieving more for less

  • Solve problems effectively to keep growth at the heart of your strategy

  • Maximise use of resources for growth - physical resources, cash, time and people

  • Use IT systems which help free up your team for service delivery

  • Empower teams to innovate and improve their outputs

  • Have excellent daily/weekly/quarterly operational systems

  • Develop an organisational culture of feedback, efficiency and profitability

Financial Success

Turbo charge your growth and profitability

  • Know how to collect, use, interpret and report relevant financial data

  • Use sound financial models to establish budgetary and production targets

  • Set private fees and hourly rates, understand UDAs and production

  • Manage claims and monitor compliance with NHS claims requirements

  • Proactively meet the expectations of stakeholders

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Dream Team 

Nurture a skilled and motivated team

  • Develop policies and processes for recruitment, selection and contracts

  • Support individual development through induction and training

  • Manage performance through supervision and appraisal

  • Establish a handbook for equility, diversity, grievance, discipline, whistleblowing

  • Know how to manage rotas and planned or unplanned absence

  • Use active strategies for team development

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