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Why use the Dentabyte Learning Zone?

The Dentabyte Learning Zone makes learning highly effective by using a highly interactive virtual workbased approach.  Most qualification programmes are built by creating content to fit with a teaching plan.  We created content for running a successful dental practice in the real world, and our qualification programmes are wrapped around this.


How do I log in?

You have to be on a Dentabyte Academy programme to receive an username and password to access the learning zone.  These can be ILM qualification programmes to gain an award, certificate or diploma, or stand alone programmes such as an induction programme.


What is in the learning zone?


Your learner journey includes documents packs relevant to the programme you have signed up for, episodes which are a highly interactive collection of videos, with a quizz to help you test your understanding, and dooits which are tasks for you to complete in your workplace.


How is this different to elearning?


Most programmes create online powerpoint slides, webinars and documents for "teaching".  Our emphasis is on experiential "learning" i.e. you learn through your own experiences because we give you the tools to successfully lead practice activities


How will I benefit and how will my practice benefit?

We make personal development light hearted, fun and real.  It's learning that doesn't feel like learning, but the best thing is that all the activities are built to move your practice forward with either marketing, compliance or financial success, so that the practice sees direct results as a result of the work you do while you are learning.


What content is covered in the learning zone?

Your learner journey depends on the programme you are studying.  Our Level 5 qualifications include all the content required to run a dental practice.  As shown in the map below, this includes how to lead your team to implement effective systems for patient care, marketing, risk management, quality assurance, operational efficiency and finance.

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