ILM Level 4 Certificate in 

Leadership & Management


Our certificate programme will helpnew and existing practice administrators and managers to become efficient and effective practice leads by learning to lead, delegate and implement practice projects and processes as a team.


FEES: £1175

COMMITMENT: 4 workshops in 6 months

ASSESSMENT: 3 essays


Unit 1 - Understanding the Management Role


Key topics:

  • The manager's role and responsibilities

  • Leading and motivating a dream team

  • Setting clear goals and expectations

  • Supporting individual development 

Unit 2 - Leading a Complex Team Activity


Key topics:

  • Setting SMART objectives

  • Planning and delegating work

  • Allocating resources to meet deliverables

  • Monitoring, and improving processes

  • Using IT effectively

Unit 3 - Leading Innovation and Change


Key topics:

  • Improving through innovation

  • Interprenting and presenting data

  • Negotiation skills

  • Overcoming barriers to change in order to improve compliance, patient care and growth

ILM Level 4 Diploma in 

Leadership & Management


Our diploma programme builds on the certificate to equip dental practice managers with in-depth knowledge of all aspects of practice management, and behaviours that make the best managers stand out.


FEES: £2795

COMMITMENT: 8 workshops in 12 months

ASSESSMENT: 8 essays


Unit 4 - Patient Care


Key topics:

  • Customer service standards

  • Compelling value propositions 

  • Building trust and loyalty


Unit 5 - Dream Team


Key topics:

  • Leading and motivating teams

  • Human resource management

  • Effective appraisals


Unit 6 - CQC & Quality Assurance


Key topics:

  • Managing risk in the workplace

  • Monitoring continuous improvement

  • Being prepared for a CQC inspection


Unit 7 - Marketing or finance (you choose)


Key topics:

  • Marketing for growth

  • Budgets and financial monitoring for growth

Unit 8 - Personal Development


Key topics:

  • Ethics and Professionalism

  • Commercial awareness

  • Reflection and self-awareness

Trailblazer Level 4 Apprenticeship in 

Leadership & Management


Dentabyte has partnered with Southgate College to deliver the DPM Apprenticeship



COMMITMENT: 18 months

ASSESSMENT: 3 phases (See below)

Download the national standard and assssment plan for dental practice managers from here

Phase 1 - ILM Level 4 Certificate in L&M


Skills competencies:

  • Leadership Skills

  • Management Skills

  • Communication Skills


Phase 2 - Portfolio of Evidence


Knowledge Competencies:

  • Human Resources

  • Patient Care

  • Clinical

  • Marketing

  • Risk Management

  • Quality Assurance

  • Finance

  • Dental Industry


Behaviour Competencies:

  • Ethics

  • Professionalism

  • Commercial astuteness

  • Passion

  • Resonsiblity and accountability

  • Reflection and self-awareness

Phase 3 - End Point Assessment


This involves:

  • A 3rd party independent assessment of a scenarion based project

  • A 3rd party face to face interview about your certificate programme and portfolio

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