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New GDC Standards

New GDC Standards – The Nine C’s of excellence

The GDC's release of Standards for Dental Teams on 30th September will represent a major overhaul of its existing standards guidance, which is no longer considered to be reflective of the altered regulatory landscape.

Whilst CQC enforces regulations for providers, the GDC enforces them for individuals. At Dentabyte we have adopted an innovative approach to helping individuals to achieve the GDC’s standards by merging them with CQC regulations and Dentabyte’s 9 C’s of excellence for practice success:

  • Care - putting our patients’ interests first and exceeding their expectations

  • Communicate - communicating effectively with patients to develop relationships built on trust

  • Consent - obtaining valid consent by supporting decision making throughout our patients’ journeys

  • Confidentiality –maintain and protect patients’ information and create robust records

  • Complaints - having a clear and effective complaints procedure so that we listen, learn and improve

  • Collaboration - working with colleagues to provide seamless care which serves the patients’ best interests and protects them from falling between practitioners or services

  • Competence - maintaining and working within our professional knowledge and skills through a programme of continued personal and professional development

  • Concerns - raising concerns if patients are at risk in order to protect them

  • Conduct - making sure our personal behaviour maintains patient confidence in us as individuals, as a team and as the dental profession.

At Dentabyte we understand first-hand the complexities of running a busy dental practice, staying compliant, getting everyone to pull their weight, make a profit and keeping a team motivated but happy. The fact that they overlap more and more provides the ideal opportunity to establish a fresh set of internal standards which alert team members to understand how to fulfil their personal responsibilities to maintain their knowledge, skills and competencies. This will help them to meet regulations, and ensure the practice does too.

Internal standards are established with practice policies and procedures which ideally should have the dual function of enforcing external standards as well as blending in what you want from your team to help you achieve business success. Updating your policies and procedures to balance these goals is a massive research task if you do it alone, but that’s what we are here for. You can establish any standards you want as long as they meet or exceed those expected externally, so at Dentabyte we are have turned the challenge into an opportunity, and for the first time ever, we will be releasing a full range of policies and procedures which blend compliance with business success for dental practices to download from our website.

Ready for a jargon busting simpler system?

Register your interest today with Ola at to find out more. She will send you a free copy of our overarching Quality Assurance Policy which outlines the full set of policies and procedures we are releasing ahead of 30th September to support your team in understanding their personal accountabilities with the new standards. Not only will this support regulatory aims, they are written with a patient focus zone, to support the delivery of high quality patient care which in turn is a powerful marketing tool for word of mouth referrals.

Not only will this save you time and focus your team on a high quality service, you can trust our knowledge and experience on dental regulatory requirements here at Dentabyte. All our systems and documentation are designed to make it easier for team members to embrace personal responsibility for collectively improving their performance and effectiveness.

Keep well and keep learning!


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