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Turn Your Vision Into Action on the 13th of November

There is still time to book your place on day 2 of our Business Masterclass series which will be held at the Henry Schein Training Centre in Marble Arch, London. The main topic of the day is implementation and how to turn you vision into action – don’t miss this opportunity!

Real examples, real people I believe that all dental practice training should be as practical and hands-on as possible and this extends to the people who present the learning material. There is no point in talking about what people ‘should do’ when there is no implementation aspect to it! In addition, the people presenting should have in depth real life experience of what they are talking about! Having owned and successfully managed a large number of dental practices in my career, my training content is always based on the lessons I learnt and the fail-proof approaches I have adopted. I am pleased to add that my guest presenter for the day will be Payal Sharma, a young dentist who is in the process of buying her first dental practice. She will be talking on the subject of audits - not to be missed! Here is a quick overview of the topics that will be covered during the day:

  • Maximing efficiency - operational control of all resources

  • Money matters - how to increase your bottom line

  • Quality management - handling risks and regulations

  • Implementation - from 0 to 100% in 12 months

What attendees will come away with at the end of the day is a firm grasp of how to put your management plans into action with measurable results. They will also have a stack of excellent resources at their disposal to help them implement all the topics discussed, particularly handy when it comes to operational management, money management and quality management. The attendees will also benefit from the discussions and Q&A sessions where they can ask questions that relate specifically to their own situations. They will also leave with a sense of focus and renewed energy for running their practices with great success.

Keep well and keep learning!


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