Three doors; which one will you open?

There is a wide variety of CPD training available to dental professionals nowadays – ranging from online courses through to masterclasses. There are also more formal learning routes you can take to earn qualifications. At Dentabyte we like to give clients the full range of choices so they can benefit from flexible upskilling while working and running busy lives. We also partner with the Institute of Leadership and Management to accredit all our certificates and diplomas in practice management, ensuring that our clients gain a solid foundation.

With so many options available, it is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and where you want your dental career to go. You can also waste a lot of time and money on routes that won’t take you into a specific direction.

Take the most efficient route

I am often asked what is the difference between an award, a certificate and a diploma in management. An award is the shortest and most concise qualification. It provides a small insight into the subject and is one way to ‘dip your toe in’. A certificate, on the other hand, takes things up a gear and provides a broad base of knowledge and skills. For me this is the best value for money option to broaden your skills base. Based on how much you enjoy the certificate, you can then upgrade to a diploma, which offers is the most comprehensive qualification, with an extensive programme of learning.

I believe the benefit of doing a Level 4 Diploma with Dentabyte is that you not only get access to the most comprehensive content, but it costs £325 with government funding, making it a far most cost effective option than the award. What you gain is nationally recognised training adapted specifically for dental practice management.

Whether you’re a practice manager or thinking about a career in this area, I can highly recommend Dentabyte’s Level 4 Leadership and Management qualifications.

Take action today

Put your career on the right track by contacting us today. To learn more about our Level 4 qualifications and our other learning offerings visit our website today:

Keep well and keep learning!


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